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SO GRATEFUL to have found Yasmine! She was attentive and understanding of my need to cut off ALL of my hair. The salon space is gorgeous and set the mood for the chic service she provided. It was an amazing experience and I look forward to repeating it soon.
- J.T. (Yelp Review)

I'M IN LOVE with Diaspora Salon. It's quiet, clean, and relaxing. Yasmine can not only style your natural hair, but is knowledgeable about it too. She is personable and professional and I for one truly appreciate that. Your appointment time is your appointment time and you're not waiting 30+ minutes waiting to get started. If you are looking for a natural hair stylist Diaspora Salon is where you need to be!
- R.A. (Yelp Review)

"I'VE HAD MY HAIR COLORED, Deva-cut and most recently Havana-twisted by Yasmine and I have been pleased and highly-impressed with each service. She doesn't just do your hair, but she's knowledgeable about what products and services are actually good for the health of your natural hair. I don't mind driving from Va to Baltimore to my hair appointments with her because it's worth it and I luv the atmosphere of the shop. I recommend her to anyone that's struggling with their natural hair or just fed up with having their natural hair mistreated and mishandled. You won't be disappointed.
- K.S. (Yelp Review)

THE SALON IS AMAZING. Clean, beautifully designed and a welcoming atmosphere. She takes special care to listen to your questions and concerns. I have very thick hair and I often walk into a salon, the stylist is intimidated. Yasmine handled my hair like a pro. She is excellent at what she does and I would recommend her to anyone with natural hair to go see her.
- K.R. (Facebook Review)

FINALLY! Someone who specializes in black/ African type curly hair. I do not want twists, I do not wear braids. I want to wear my hair out!! Yasmine made my twist-out gleam and I love the cut! I'm a client for life!! 
- D.J (StyleSeat Review)

TONI IS A GREAT LISTENER. I know, I know-- you're probably thinking who needs a listener when they're getting their hair cut, but hear me out. You ever walk into a salon with an idea of what you want and just don't have the language to describe exactly what you want? Well, Toni magically hears what you're saying and brings your vision to life! She's prompt, professional, and personable and I left my first (definitely not my last) appointment feeling completely satisfied.
- B.J (StyleSeat Review)

I HAD A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE... This is without a doubt the most professional, relaxing and inviting salon I have ever visited. Even after a slight mix up with scheduling Yasmine was very accommodating and flexible. Knowing that I had just begun my journey with natural hair she was sure to ask me if I had any questions to dispel all of the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of taking care of my TWA. I was also pleasantly surprised to get a follow up e-mail about products and hair care procedures we discussed. The entire process... was a breeze, from scheduling(she responds in a very timely fashion) to follow-up. I can’t wait until my TWA grows out and I can visit again to explore more styling options with Yasmine! 
-E.O. (StyleSeat Review)

HER PROFESSIONALISM, quality of work and customer service are impeccable! 
- V.B (StyleSeat Review)


I WAS VERY PLEASED with the courteous and professional services provided by Yasmine, she even called me ahead of time to let me know she was running 20 minutes late (who does that?). I was really pleased that she respected my time as well as her own. The really impressive thing is that I met with her and told her what I wanted prior to the appointment, and that is exactly what she gave me. I described the color and impact I wanted, and she did it. I looked pretty and classy, I will return to her and I encourage everyone to look to her for natural hair care in Baltimore. She is really good.
- S.R (StyleSeat review)

TONI IS FABULOUS! She offers fantastic customer service. She is knowledgeable about hair care and extremely professional. She is truly a MASTER LOCTICIAN!
-K.M (StyleSeat Review)

YASMINE IS THE BEST. Her beautiful work was photographed at New York fashionweek as several people loved my twists.
- L.L. (Styleseat Review)

AS ALWAYS TONI DEMONSTRATES great professionalism and provides her clients with a relaxing and fun environment. Her skill is astronomical and she creates the best hairstyles while still keeping the care of your hair/locs the priority. I truly appreciate the care and love you give my tresses Toni. Continue to rock on and be blessed!!
- T.B. (StyleSeat Review)

I FIRST VISITED this natural hair salon salon in March 2014 and loved it. I just came in a few days ago for my forth appointment. I appreciate this business and the owner for the knowledge, serious skill and level of care my hair is given. I treat my hair like silk and I love that Yasmine does as well. Most recently I got a Deva cut after hearing the buzz surrounding that particular hair cut. I LOVED the finished look, as I always do when she does my hair. - P.A. (Google Review)

I FOUND YASMINE on StyleSeat and came in for a steam treatment and trim, which turned into a steam treatment, trim and twist- out. I LOVED the look and my hair felt really soft. Good vibe, very beautiful salon and Yasmine made my appointment great! I highly recommend this business. Though I do my hair myself, when I need to treat myself, I found my new stylist. 
- A.T. (StyleSeat Review)

I LOVE TONI POOLE! Definitely book your next appointment here! She really knows her craft and is a true professional.
- M.S. (StyleSeat Review)

I LOVE YASMINE'S PROFESSIONALISM and the atmosphere she's created in her salon. I really love that here appointments are really your appointed time. She does a really great job of taking care of my hair.
- C.D. (StyleSeat Review)

SHE WORKED THROUGH my appointment very fast without it feeling rushed. LOVED the atmosphere. Great music & beautiful decor. I've never been to a salon where I was comfortable enough to feel relaxed and unwind for a bit. Can't wait to go back!
- S. P. (StyleSeat Review)

WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE! My hair looks the best its ever looked! The Deva Cut is perfect for my coily hair.
- L.R. (Facebook Review)