This may not be something that you think about when making an appointment at a new hair salon, but we have found that taking a little extra time to properly prepare for your hair appointment can lead to better results.


We want your experience at Diaspora to be as pleasant and relaxing as possible, so please allow about 5 minutes of time to find a parking space.
*Complimentary parking is available on our lot in the rear of the salon. The lot is on a small, but widely open street that runs behind the salon called Morton Street. Morton Street sits between Charles and Maryland and is accessible from 24th Street. Our rear windows are decorated with white trimming. In the window of the parking lot, you will see a YELLOW ARROW and a "private parking" sign. Please park diagonally. After parking, you will need to walk around to Charles Street to gain entry into the salon.  Street parking is available at a rate of $.50/ hour, in 4 hour increments. We are directly across from Safeway Market in a cluster of brownstones, our windows read "Diaspora Salon" in gold, and are decorated with teal blue trimming. Please do not park in Safeway's lot or your car may be towed.
Additionally, we ask all clients to arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment time. All appointments are structured to allow time for a consultation, shampoo & conditioning, your technical service, processing/ dryer time, finishing and product recommendation. If you're late, we may have to cancel your appointment. Please refer to our Salon Policies for more information on tardiness.


A consultation at Diaspora is a one-on-one conversation between the stylist and yourself that aid in assessing your hair and scalp needs, and overall style and health goals and desires for your hair. Consultations are performed at the beginning at your service appointment. While it's not required, we ask that all new clients fill out our Consultation Form prior to scheduling an appointment. On the consultation form, you can opt to have a stylist contact you for a 5-10 minute phone consultation should you have any questions or concerns you may have. In- salon consultations without a service are not available unless it's for a bride-to-be.


If you use butters, oils, silicones or any type of heavy products, please detox/ clarify your hair prior to your appointment using a clarifying shampoo. Heavy products tend to build up on the hair and may affect the results of your color service. We also ask that your hair is stretched when you arrive for your color service. Stretched could be a Twist- Out, Wash & Go, or any other style where your hair is not compacted into a 'fro. If you are getting scheduled for a Curly Cut, DevaCut™ or Pintura Highlights, you should follow the directions below and arrive in a Wash & Go only. Failure to have clarified and stretched hair may result in your stylist having to add on a Hair Color Prep or Hair/ Curl Detox service. If you have any questions about this, please contact the salon.


Please note that all of our Curly Hair Cuts, including the DevaCut™ have required preparation at home if you use products with oils and butters in them. Failure to follow these guidelines may cause a $60 prep fee, or your appointment to be cancelled upon arrival. There are no exceptions. If you have questions, we advise you to contact us prior to your appointment. We can give assistance via email or telephone!

Our Curly Cuts are for naturally curly/ coily/ wavy hair with the natural curl pattern at least 50% in tact. If the natural texture of your hair has been altered by heat and/ or color, we strongly suggest you complete our Consultation Form before scheduling your appointment.
For our Curly Cuts, including the DevaCut™, your hair is cut, cleansed, hydrated, and curls defined using our exclusive methods to achieve maximum curl definition, maximum volume, or maximum elongation. After the hair has dried, it's examined to see if any cutting adjustments need to be made. Your hair will be left soft, properly moisturized and perfectly defined if you follow instructions 1-3 below.
If you are interested in a Wash & Go style only (no hair shaping), for best results, we advise you to just follow Step 1 below prior to your appointment. Please note that none of our Curly Cuts translate to straightened hair, as these specialty cuts are based on your natural curl pattern, texture and how your hair falls, naturally.

1. At least two weeks before your appointment, get ready to DETOX your hair if you use ANY products with silicones, butter, or oils in them. Start by shampooing your hair with an oil/ butter/ silicone- free clarifying shampoo. This means NO, zero, zilch Shea Moisture, Cantu, Camille Rose, Pantene, As I Am or ANYTHING (except DevaCurl™ and Innersense) that contains silicones, petroleum, lanolin, butters and/or oils. And NO APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. ACV does not clean your hair. It's acidic, which means it closes your cuticle. And for purposes of clarifying/ detoxing, you need something alkaline, that will swell and open your hair cuticle to remove build-up. ACV is great to seal the cuticle for shine, but not for cleaning your hair. *This detox step is THE most important step in the preparation for this service.*
If you use these types of products, please perform a detox 3-4 times at home to remove the build up that is likely on your hair. We love Kinky Curly Come Clean, Malibu™ Un- Do- Go, and our NEW favorite the Deva Curl Build Up Buster as clarifiers, but any clarifying shampoo that doesn't contain petroleum, lanolin, oils, butters, or silicones will do. The conditioner we recommend is Deva Curl One Condition, Deva Curl Melt Into Moisture Mask, Heaven in Hair, or Deep Sea Hair Repair. But, like the shampoo, any conditioner that doesn't contain oils, butters or silicones will work. After shampooing and conditioning, proceed to Step 2.
Please note: This step is the most important step in your at home preparation. Your hair will feel completely different when you're done, and real hydration will be a possibility! More info on this at your appointment... If you do not properly detox, we cannot be responsible for our water based products beading on, and not penetrating into your hair. We retail the products that we recommend, so feel free to stop by and pick them up!

2. Please arrive with your naturally curly or coily hair dry, clean and in a Wash and Go/ Curly Set (if you don't know what a Wash and Go/ Curly Set is, click here or here). Your curls/ coils should be as defined as possible using a water- based curl defining product. We recommend anything from Deva Curl™, Kinky Curly™ Curling Custard, DIY flaxseed gel, or even Eco- Styler gel. These products are water- based, will not build up on the hair, and are really good for providing definition. Please refrain from using products from Shea Moisture, Camille Rose, Pantene, As I Am, Cantu or anything that contains silicones, petroleum, lanolin, butters, or oils. You may have never attempted a Wash & Go before, and that's fine- just do your best! At your appointment, we will give you feedback on how to achieve your best Wash & Go yet. 

3. Please do not use or wear bobby pins, head wraps, ponytails headbands, rubber bands, hats, clips, etc the day of your appointment. Your stylist needs to see your natural curl pattern and how your hair falls in order to perform the cut properly. Your hair should be completely out in a Wash & Go.


If you are just taking out braids or twists after an extended period of time, please shampoo, condition and detangle your hair before your appointment. Typically, after 2-3 months of wearing braids or a weave, hair may be matted or there can be a massive amount of shed hair and build- up that needs to be removed. The excess time it takes to detangle matted hair is not included in our service times. Should you arrive with extremely matted or tangled hair, we reserve the right to cancel your appointment. Lastly, we do not offer removal of weaves, twists or braids; this must be done prior to your appointment with us. Also, please be aware you will not be permitted to remove your own braids, twists or weave on the premises of Diaspora Salon. 


Sometimes your desired result may not be achievable with just one visit to the salon. However, if you discuss your hair goals with your stylist, she can recommend a hair regime and timeline that will give you the results and look that you desire. Diaspora Salon works with your real hair, and we are able to achieve gorgeous results without adding hair to styles. If you've been wearing a weave, braids, or your real hair hidden for an extended period of time, we respectfully ask you to please be realistic about the capabilities of real hair.
Our stylists can advise you on styling options in between appointments, how to care for your hair at home, and also how you can evolve your style through the seasons.


We appreciate our potential clients for taking the time out to read how to prepare for your appointment. It really makes a difference. We invite you to contact us for an appointment and get ready to relax! Thank you for considering Diaspora Salon for your curly hair care needs, we appreciate your business and we hope to see you in the salon soon!



*Please note that neither Diaspora Salon, nor any of its employees, agents or contractors accepts liability for any theft or loss of, or damage, howsoever caused, to vehicles, accessories or contents incurred on the premises of our parking lot.  Additionally, any liability of Diaspora Salon or any of its employees, agents or contractors for personal injury, howsoever caused, suffered by any entrants on the parking lot is hereby excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.
For added convenience, street parking is available on Charles Street at a rate of $.50/ hour for 4 hours. Please do not park in Safeway’s lot or your car may be towed.