Here are answers to our most popular questions. Have questions that aren't listed? 
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Do you all work with clients who are transitioning to natural or have heat damaged hair?
We sure do IF you are ready to release some of that hair! We transition our clients for up to 6 months and recommend trims at every visit to help remove the straight and damaged hair. Please contact the salon directly to schedule if you’re transitioning. Yasmine only works with 100% natural hair in its curl pattern in tact.

What is a landmark near you?
We are on Charles Street between 24th and 25th Sts., and right across from Safeway Market.

When was the salon established?
Diaspora Salon was originally established in 2012 as Ase Holistic Hair Studio. In January 2015 we became Diaspora Salon to represent the cultural and aesthetic diversity of those that visit and work in our salon.

What do you specialize in?
We specialize in the cutting, coloring and styling of loose 100% naturally curly, coily. We are definitely unique in our service options. We balayage, flat twist, press, highlight, perform specialized curly cuts and a whole lot more. Our stylists have different specialties, so be sure to see which stylist best suits your hair goals. You can read about our stylists and their specialties here. We do not offer loc services.

I'd like a consultation before I schedule; can I just walk in?
We don't offer walk- ins at this time, and don't offer stand- alone consultations. If you're a potential new client and are interested in our services, but unsure of exactly what you want, please complete our New Client Consultation Form here or our Color Consultation Form here and when you call us to schedule your appointment, we can go over the answers and photos submitted in your consultation form. While completion of this form is not required, it's encouraged for all new clients!

Do you all classify curl types?
No, not at all. The actual size of your curl holds no true weight. We're more concerned with your hair's hydration level, density, porosity, and overall integrity. But if you ask, we'll tell you. Remember, curl typing only refers to the size of your curl; it has nothing to do with the health or possibilities of your hair!

What exactly is a Deva Cut™?
A Deva Cut™ is a specialized way of cutting curly hair. The hair is cut curl by curl with the hair in it's natural, defined state using different angles, elevation levels, and taking into account the numerous curl patterns one may have. The hair is cleansed, then the curls are defined. A DevaCut™ is one way of cutting curly hair, and recommended for those that were their hair in its naturally curly state 100% of the time. If you wear your hair in it's curly or super curly state AND you wear Twist- outs, Rod Sets, Bantu Knot- Outs, etc., we recommend one of our other Curly Cuts, which provides shape, but also gives you the ability to go back and forth from a traditional natural-hair style to a curly Wash & Go look. Neither the DevaCut™ Curly Cuts translate to straightened hair.

What happens if I show up for a Curly Cut and my hair is not prepared?
It is a requirement to come in for your Curly Cut or DevaCut with your hair detoxed and in a Wash and Go style using water based products. There are no exceptions. The Deva Cut is a 2 part process, and Part 1 begins at home. If you come to your appointment unprepared, you run the risk of us cancelling your appointment and being charged the full cost of the service, or incurring a $75 Prep Fee if we have the time to prep your hair. We'd hate to do this, so please come with your hair prepped. If you're having issues achieving the detox process or the Wash and Go, please contact us!

What products do you sell?
Our retail collection includes Deva Curl, select Uncle Funky's Daughter products, Olaplex, and our newest lines INNERSENSE ORGANIC BEAUTY and OUIDAD. We believe in putting great products in your hair and on our shelves so you can achieve the same results at home.

My hair is just so dry and kinky, I know it's not curly, so what is it?
Most of our hair (women of the African diaspora) is wavy, curly or coily (coils are super tiny curls). Some of our hair has more of a zig- zag pattern. The tighter the curl/ coil, the drier the hair will be. This means you must hydrate with water based products more frequently. Contact us and we'll talk your head off about this subject.

Do you offer braiding services or extensions? Do you provide hair?
At this time we do not offer any braiding nor extension/ weave services. We work with your hair only!

I want color, but I don't want it to be high maintenance. What can I get? 
How often can you commit to getting your hair colored? If you're covering gray hair, want multi- dimensional color, or want to go a lot lighter, expect a bit more upkeep. If you'd like less retouches or maintenance, consider highlights (Balayage or Pintura™ specifically), where you may only need a retouch 2-3 times per year, as the grow out is a lot more natural looking and you can go longer in between retouches.

Do you work with children? Do you discount prices?
We work with children 12 and over and and we do not discount our prices. If you are interested in having your child's hair done at Diaspora Salon, please contact us via email here or complete our online consultation form here.


What is a Wash & Go? Do I really just wash and go??
A Wash & Go is also know as Curl Setting. It's how your hair looks after you cleanse, condition and detangle in small sections to medium sections. At that point, it's defined and you can see your curl pattern perfectly! You lock that look in with a water- based styling gel. Please DETOX your hair prior to your appointment if you use products with oils or butters. Trust us, IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!
Please note: those who straighten their hair may not see curls due to the high possibility of high heat altering the texture of your hair.

Are you all on social media?
We're on all major social media platforms as Diaspora Salon!

I booked three services but I think I want just one. Can I change the service/s I want the day of my appointment? 
No. Canceling a color or styling service the day of your appointment counts as a cancellation. If you are unsure of the style or service you want, or need to make changes you must do so following our cancellation policy. If you're confused about what you want, please call or email us your ideas prior to reserving time with a stylist.

Where can I leave a review?
Google, Yelp,, and

Will color damage my hair? Can I just color my own hair?
Maintaining the integrity of your natural texture, and overall health is our top priority, and we would never do anything to jeopardize that. The products we use while coloring hair virtually eliminates the damage that can be caused by hair color or lightener. Moreover, coloring hair is a chemical process and should only be performed by a licensed professional. Proper application and the chemistry of hair and hair color are taken into consideration when a licensed professional performs a hair coloring service. Contact us for a Color Consultation, or just to answer a few of your questions about our coloring services!

I don’t like braids or twists, what styling options are available for me?
You have a number of options! Having natural hair offers a ton of versatility. Wash & Gos, Sculpted Updos, Rod Sets, specialty hair color and more. 

I got my hair straightened at another salon now my curls have become straight in certain places. What is that?
Here's some hair chemistry: when extreme heat, typically over 400º, is directly applied to dry natural hair, while being held tight and straight, it causes the disulphide bonds to break. This breakage of essential bonds allows the keratin chains to move around and assume a position that results in straightened hair. When the hair cools down, the disulphide bonds between the keratin are reformed. Because the keratin molecules moved in different positions when the bonds are reformed, the hair stays in the straightened shape permanently. This is permanent damage. When straightening natural hair, the hair must be properly protected with a balance of moisture and protein to avoid this type of damage, and the temperature of the tool shouldn't be higher than 375º. Remember- it only takes ONE straightening service for your curls to be permanently damaged by heat!

What is Olaplex™ ?
Olaplex™ is a professional product that was created in California by 2 scientists. Since its debut in 2014 it has rocked the hair color world with its dramatic capabilities. When coloring hair, disulfide bonds tend to break, especially if your hair is being lifted more than 4 levels. Disulfide bonds provide your hair with its overall strength, so when they break, you're left with damaged hair. Olaplex™ is a bond multiplier, which means it repairs the hair's broken disulfide bonds and prevents damage to your hair. Olaplex noº1 is mixed into hair color or lightener. The same active ingredient in Olaplex noº 1 is also present in Olaplex noº2, a conditioner you can take home and use once per week to dramatically strengthen the hair and repair broken bonds. Every Olaplex Service includes the take home bottle of Olaplex noº2. This product is only used and sold in professional salons.

What is Balayage?
Balayage is a form of highlighting where color or lightener is swept onto the hair, away from the root, for a more natural look. It's an advanced form of hair color application. With Balayage color, a retouch would only be needed 2-3 times per year, versus every 8 weeks.

Is a style included with color services?
No. All services are a la carte and are booked individually. But, all full styling and color services include cleansing and conditioning. If you book a color service alone, the service includes the color application, and shampoo and conditioner service.

I have henna in my hair, but I want a different color. Is henna compatible with professional color?
Henna is not compatible with any type of oxidative color, whether it be permanent, demi- permanent, or lightener/ bleach. We are not able to apply color to your hair if you've used henna, even if you've used it only for conditioning purposes.