Every brown woman of the Diaspora has some type of curl, swirl or wave to her hair. We encourage our clients to embrace those curls! The Deva Cut™ and our Signature Curly Cut are the most performed services at Diaspora, and if you've talked to a client who has received a cut, or read a review you'll understand why. Our owner who performs these cuts is a five- time DevaCurl Academy attendee, and has been endorsed through certification by DevaCurl since April 2016. She has also attended hair cutting academies through Vidal Sassoon, Paul Mitchell and Aveda, which shape the theory behind our Signature Curly Cut. Your curls are in good hands at Diaspora.
Questions? You can contact us at 410-366-8700 or hello@diasporasalon.com

Please note that both the Signature Curly Cut and Deva Cut services begin with required preparation at home. Failure to follow these guidelines may cause your appointment to be cancelled. There are no exceptions. If you have questions, we advise you to contact us prior to your appointment. We can give assistance via email or telephone!

Deva Cuts and Signature Curly Cuts are for 100% naturally curly/ coily/ wavy hair with the natural curl pattern in tact. If the natural texture of your car has been altered, we strongly suggest you complete our Consultation Form before scheduling your appointment. 
The Deva Cut™ is an advanced cutting technique specific to curly hair. The same is true for our Signature Curly Cut. Hair is cut curl by curl and sculpted using one of five techniques. Your hair is then cleansed, hydrated, and defined using our exclusive methods to achieve maximum curl definition, maximum volume, or maximum elongation. After the hair has dried, it's examined to see if any cutting adjustments need to be made. Your hair will be left soft, properly moisturized and perfectly defined if you follow instructions 1-3 below.
Our Signature Curly Cut™ was created and is performed by owner of Diaspora Salon, Yasmine Young. Yasmine created her Signature Curly Cut™ using the education she's acquired through a number of professional academies, and from years of experience behind the chair as a natural hair specialist. The service flow for the Signature Curly Cut™ is the same as the Deva Cut™; the only difference is the way we cut the hair. 
The Deva Cut™ is for those that wear their hair in it's defined, natural state most of the time. The Signature Curly Cut™ was created for those that want a great shape as well as the versatility to wear their hair out- whether it's in a Wash & Go, Twist Out, Rod- Set, or other natural style, and have that shape translate. Please note that neither the Deva Cut™, nor the Signature Curly Cut™ translate to straightened hair. 
If you are interested in a Wash & Go style only (no hair shaping), for best results, we advise you to just follow Step 1 prior to your appointment.

1. At least two weeks before your appointment, get ready to DETOX your hair if you use ANY products with silicones, butter, or oils in them. Start by shampooing your hair with an oil/ butter/ silicone- free clarifying shampoo. This means NO, zero, zilch Shea Moisture, Cantu, Camille Rose, Pantene, As I Am or ANYTHING (except Deva Curl and Innersense) that contains silicones, petroleum, lanolin, butters and/or oils. And NO APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. ACV does not clean your hair. It's acidic, which means it closes your cuticle. And for purposes of clarifying/ detoxing, you need something alkaline, that will swell and open your hair cuticle to remove build-up. ACV is great to seal the cuticle for shine, but not for cleaning your hair. *This detox step is THE most important step in the preparation for this service.* 
If you use these types of products, please perform a detox 3-4 times at home to remove the build up that is likely on your hair. We love Kinky Curly Come Clean, Malibu™ Un- Do- Go, and our NEW favorite the Deva Curl Build Up Buster as clarifiers, but any clarifying shampoo that doesn't contain petroleum, lanolin, oils, butters, or silicones will do. The conditioner we recommend is Deva Curl One Condition, Deva Curl Melt Into Moisture Mask, Heaven in Hair, or Deep Sea Hair Repair. But, like the shampoo, any conditioner that doesn't contain oils, butters or silicones will work. After shampooing and conditioning, proceed to Step 2.
Please note: This step is the most important step in your at home preparation. Your hair will feel completely different when you're done, and real hydration will be a possibility! More info on this at your appointment... If you do not properly detox, we cannot be responsible for our water based products beading on, and not penetrating into your hair. We retail the products that we recommend, so feel free to stop by and pick them up!

2. Please arrive with your naturally curly or coily hair dry, clean and in a Wash and Go/ Curly Set (if you don't know what a Wash and Go/ Curly Set is, click here or here). Your curls/ coils should be as defined as possible using a water- based curl defining product. We recommend anything from Deva Curl™, Kinky Curly™ Curling Custard, DIY flaxseed gel, or even Eco- Styler gel. These products are water- based, will not build up on the hair, and are really good for providing definition. Please refrain from using products from Shea Moisture, Camille Rose, Pantene, or anything that contains silicones, petroleum, lanolin, butters, or oils. You may have never attempted a Wash & Go before, and that's fine- just do your best! At your appointment, we will give you feedback on how to achieve your best Wash & Go yet. 

3. Please do not use or wear bobby pins, ponytails headbands, rubber bands, hats, clips, etc the day of your appointment. Your stylist needs to see your natural curl pattern and how your hair falls in order to perform the cut properly. Your hair should be completely out in a Wash & Go.