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Diaspora Salon is a boutique hair salon featuring a team of highly skilled hair dressers located in Baltimore's cultural district, Charles Village. We are trained in the specific needs of all naturally curly, wavy and coily hair types. We are passionate, dedicated, and experienced in creating looks that are perfectly suited for each client. Our salon offers only the highest quality in natural hair care services, from the holistic, plant- based products we use to the advanced craftsmanship executed in our styling. 

Diaspora Salon is focused on the preservation and continuance of various Diasporic cultures and heritages outside of Africa through hairdressing. Human beings, especially those with African ancestry have adorned their hair since the beginning of time and we’re still doing it today. In more recent centuries, our identities and distinctiveness in appearance have been suppressed and shunned by the mainstream. For us at Diaspora Salon, we celebrate our ancestry by outwardly adorning our curly and coily natural hair. It is our crown.

Tucked in a beautiful brownstone, we invite you into a contemporary, warm space that encourages relief and renewal. Open, inviting and bathed in natural light, our salon is both fresh and familiar, sophisticated and inclusive. We are a single stop for complete rejuvenation and aesthetic renewal. Upon arrival, you may hear the beautiful, vibrant sounds of international, lounge, soul house or afro-beat music. Aromatic scents of sweet and savory essential oils lightly permeate the air throughout the space, enhancing your overall experience.




We believe in having well- intended, meaningful conversations, laughter and fun in our daily work that surpasses cultural, racial, and societal standards and norms. In our space, we are all one. Our similarities of being curly-haired goddesses brings us together, and meaningful conversation helps us understand each other.

We believe creativity shapes our passion and individuality. Creativity allows us to stretch our minds, do new and exciting things, and engage ourselves in a way that takes us one step closer to reaching our full potential.

We believe that learning never ends. Through continual education we acquire vision, technical skill and ingenuity. Education fuels our passion and excitement, which in turn promotes astuteness and unparalleled growth.

We believe operating with integrity begins on a personal level. The word integrity evolved from the Latin word, meaning whole or complete. In this context, integrity is "wholeness" deriving from qualities such as honesty and consistency of character.

We believe that joy is a state of being. It is balance, harmony, and compassion that starts with us, individually and touches every other aspect of our lives.

We believe that meaningful relationships are built on trust, good intentions and respect, allowing for a sense of genuine sisterhood and closeness.

We believe that great service builds strong relationships and a genuine connection with our clients and salon family. Service creates a kind atmosphere and consistently gives us the opportunity to make someone’s day.

We believe success is flourishing personally and professionally in an affirming and positive environment.

We believe that teamwork truly makes the dream work. Working together toward a common vision is our fuel. In the words of Michael Jordan, “talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.” We work as a team, which means you have the option to see one stylist for one appointment, and a different stylist for your next. Internal competition does not exist in our culture.

We believe trust builds solid relationships within our company and with our clients. Trust promotes ownership, responsibility, balance, and integrity.



We invite you to experience what makes us different.